About Me

In 2003, I had the opportunity to be a part of the America 24/7 project. I was selected as one of the 20 contract photographers for Montana. It was a great experience. I spent 7 days covering about an 8 hour driving radius from my home including diverse events and characters such as a rodeo, a bee-keeper, a farrier, a mermaid at a bar with a glass wall and a pool, and a horse rancher. It was a blast. I made a lot of good images that week. It was exciting to have my work selected for the main book. I didn’t realize my photo was chosen for the hard cover until I dropped the book several weeks later and the dust jacket fell off. I was really surprised and honored. Several other photos were used in the state book for Montana, “Montana 24/7”.
A few months later I received a call from the popular country band, Trick Pony, who saw the book at their recording studio. They wanted to use the cover photo for their upcoming album. We worked it out and I can now happily say I have the cover of a New York Times best-seller, and a gold-album. I thought it was pretty cool.

In April 2008, I joined Emmy award-winning producer Hanson Hosein and Kirk Mastin on a cross-country trip from Seattle to New Orleans. Kirk and I were assisting Hanson on the sequel to his hit documentary Independent America. We traveled strictly on secondary roads and only shopped at independently owned businesses. We documented our trip with blogs and vlogs. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. These guys were amazing to work with.
We met a ton of amazing people and I learned a lot about film production. I’m ready to try working on my own film. You can view our travel vlogs on my website video section and check out the film preview at www.independentamericafilm.com

I recently completed a contract with the University of Washington to provide photography for the redesign of their Digital Media program website. Check out the new site at http://mcdm.washington.edu/ I love the new design. I think it really shows how a great marriage between design and photography can energize a site and engage the viewers. With the success of this project I have been retained to provide photography for the redesign of the University’s Communication Department website.

In July 2008 I had the opportunity to co-teach a class called Climate Quest at the University of Washington. The students had 7 days to learn science and video skills to produce a video related to climate change. I co-taught the video portion with Kirk Mastin. I am pretty pumped by the experience. Teaching was a lot of fun. I’ve taught classes and workshops before but this was interesting to teach at the University. I could see myself teaching more in the future. I am really pleased at the quality of videos the students put out. You can check them out at